Learning About The Load Bearing Wall

Load Bearing Walls: What Are They?

Load wearing balls are the kinds of walls which can hold or transfer loads from one area of the house to another. Load is transmitted from the top area of the structure down to the foundation and also from one side to the other. It is primarily important to know load bearing walls in order for the homeowners not to engage in destructive repairs or expansions through the removal of single wall which would lead to the collapse of a part or perhaps all of the structures.  All the exterior walls of most homes are load bearing walls even if this is not always the case.

In several homes, only the front as well as the back walls bear the loads. Determining load bearing walls starts at the foundation level and will work its way in an upward direction. However, it will not always be simple to identify a wall which is capable of bearing load particularly when the builders work hard to conceal the older indications which made the identification somehow simpler. Typically, the interior load bearing walls consist of a center beam which will run in a perpendicular manner related to the joists on the floor. It is extremely important to obtain an inspection from the expert prior to conducting a big repair or renovation in order to ascertain which the load bearing walls are.

Furthermore, an essential thing to take into consideration before the removal of load bearing walls is how the wall can fit into the general construction design of the house. The load bearing walls are made to tolerate various types of loads and for various reasons. Take note that bringing down the load bearing wall would not mean that it is important to bring down the entire house. The type of load bearing wall which may be taken out with no fear of devastation can possibly result in less unwanted circumstances.

An important consideration which lots of people failed to think about when it comes to load bearing walls is the possibility of what will happen during fire. Homeowners should do well to consider any area or room of the house behind a load bearing wall which does not have a second exit strategy. Since the destruction of load bearing walls would mean complete devastation of the structure, it is highly recommended to insert doors or windows adjacent to the areas of the house at the rear of the load bearing walls.